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Would you like to kick-start your stress and anxiety relief journey with tried and tested clinical methods?  

Freedom From Anxiety Kickstarter


This Kick-starter program has been designed to give you the opportunity to try the Freedom From Anxiety Formula Intensive by giving you a taste of each methodology at a fraction of the cost! With the Kick-starter program you be able to try out all the elements of the Freedom From Anxiety Formula Intensive to see how it suits you. If you love it, you can use the investment you have made off the cost of the full course. This is the most amazing offer and not usually available!


When you are anxious it can be so difficult to commit to a life changing program can't it? I get it! So this is why I have created the Kick-Starter so you can have a low risk way of seeing what the full program will entail. 

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What you will learn:

  • How to begin a life changing anxiety journey that works
  • What an anxiety relief road map looks like and why you need one for you to follow to stay on track
  • What tools you will need to be able to feel anxiety empowered.
  • What nutrition has to do with your anxiety
  • How your physiology helps and hinders you and how to work with that. 
  • The Powerful Mind-body connection and how to use this to find your calm.
  • Find out what essential mindfulness techniques will work for you.
  • How to embedd new calm seeking strategies into your daily routine for the rest of your life. 
  • The difference between an anxiety tool that works and one that works for YOU 
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This course is in 4 modules and we recommend you take 2-4 weeks to
complete it.